Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan. 8

Been a while since I posted anything. Updates are sorely in need.

ES - Major New Year gap blast higher. (As are all index futures listed below). Very strong balancing range @ 90d VAH and Jan VA - 1459/1448. May be looking for an exhaustion spike higher to sell or breakout lower to sell. Not initiating longs at these levels. JBTFD extreme low @ 1yr POC or 90d POC 1403/1406 levels
NQ - same theme. POCs 2644/2651
YM - Trading @ 90d POC 13280, pull back to 1yr POC 12960 better level
TF - Above 52week highs. Nothing here except pullbacks to POC 823/821
ZN - Hints of reducing QE sent all I.R products lower. Bull flag channel developing on daily. http://screencast.com/t/xldNklb94DCu
ZB - Similar pattern as ZN, Closing in a 1yr VAL.
ZF - Very range bound between 1yr VAs
CL - Broke above 90d rising channel, still long-term triangle forming on daily chart. Aug monthly NPOC and highs definitely seem in range over $96 http://screencast.com/t/u8Td6aySrI
NG - Still young forming Jan VA balancing around 90d VAL
RB - Daily triangle suggesting breakout over 2.85
HO - Bull flag on daily; range bound on hourly between 2.98 & 3.06
GC - Major pullback intraday buying opportunity @ 61.8% Fib @ 1629; expect balancing between 1640 and 1675
SI - Similar pullback to gold; needs to break range between 29.5 & 31.5
HG - No opinion.
PL - No opinion
PA - Missed short region @ 712, 1yr VAH; Jan VAL/POC developing as support. Also 38.2% retrace from Oct rally.
6E - Major move off 1yr VAH. Dec. POC is pretty wide range bound region of 1.3155 - 1.3025.
6A - Very range bound in Jan w/ major collapse and pullback into VAs. Eyeing 1.0480 R level
6B - Major pulback from 52 week high. Jan profile balancing around 90d POC 1.6035, watching for dips.
6J - May have missed the ultimate dip. Looking for pullback to .00114
6C - Daily balancing range around POC; 1.0150 - 1.0003
6S - Balancing around Dec. POC
6M - After downgrade rumors, snapped back violently; profile and price action balancing around Dec/Jan POCs and VAH on hourly.
6N - Still major rising channel on daily. No opinion.
DX - Strong rally from 79. 121, No opinion.
ZC - Daily bull flag. No opinion.
ZW - No opinion.
ZS - 90d VAL could be developing as support. No opinion now.
ZL - No opinion.
ZM - No opinion.
ZO - Broke declining channel.. 1yr VAL next level @ 320\
SB - Potential inverse H&S on daily.
OJ - No opinion.
KC - Watching Dec VAL under 144.
CT - No opinion.
CC - Watching 1yr VAL @ 2211.
LE - Still hovering @ 1yr VAH. No opinion currently.
GF - No opinion.
HE - No opinion.
LBS - No opinion.
NKD - No opinion.

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