Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21 Trade setups

 1.) Canadian Dollar looking like a perfect descending triangle pattern setting up.
Short BO below 9096.
OR keep an eye on potential TL resistance on 1hr.
2.) DX - or UUP ETF short possible if move over extended. Will await Yellen @ J-Hole.
3.) Corn (ZC) straddle? Dec. 370 cost $30.875 (may bid lower) $1537.50 per lot, b/e areas 400/339 (typo on chart image, not 400 Stradd.)
4.) Gasoline possible breaking out for a retrace? RB futures or UGA ETF.
5.) This is going to take a while to develop. TF Russell Futures in a big box. Watching for move out of rectangle.

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